Legal warnings

Legal information is a web page established with the purpose of enabling the general public to know their professional activities and services our company renders.

1. In accordance with the Information Society Service and Electronic Trade Act 34/2002, 11th July, your are warned that: Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U., registered address in Plaza Martí y Moso, 5 1º 47001 Valladolid, registered in the Company Register in Valladolid, Volume 981, Sheet 118, Page VA-13223,  is the holder of this web page.

2. These general conditions rule the access and use of this web page (henceforth, the WEB) that Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U. provides for free to our Internet users. By accessing this web page, the user accepts our conditions. The use of certain services provided by this web page shall also imply the acceptance of the relevant conditions which shall rule each case.

3. The intelectual rights derived from the WEB, its source code, design, browsing structure, data bases and several elements included belong to Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U., which shall have the exclusive rights to exploit them as it deems it appropriate and, most particularly, reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation rights.

4. Visualisation, printing and partial downloadings from the WEB shall be authorised exclusively under the following conditions: whenever it is compatible with the purpose of the WEB or with the solely purpose of getting information for personal and private use. It is expresively forbidden to use it with commercial purpose or to distribute, publish, transform or decompile it. Whenever the contents included in the WEB are not modified whatsoever. Whenever any chart, icon or picture available on the WEB is not separately used, copied or distributed from the remaining images.

5. The unauthorised use of the information contained on the WEB, the resale of it or the damage of the intelectual or industrial property owned by Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U., shall lead to the relevant legal responsabilities.

6. Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U., reserves the right to modify or upgrade at any moment and withour prior warning the information included on the WEB, as well as its configuration and layout and the access conditions.

7. Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U. does not guarantee the lack of interruptions or access failures when using the WEB or its contents, or the fact the contents may not be accurately upgraded. Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U. shall undertake as soon as possible all the relevant problem-solving, communication-establishing and content-upgrading chores, as long as no causes render impossible or excesively dificult to fulfil them.

8. Both non authorised access to the WEB and use of the the information contained on it shall be deemed under the users responsability. THE COMPANY shall not be considered responsible for any consequence, harm or prejudice suffered by the non authorised user. Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U. is not responsible for any security breach nor of any damaged caused to the non authorised users computer equipment (hardware or software), the files or documents stored on it or, as a consequence: the existence of virus in the non authorised users computer when used to access the WEB services or contents; the computer misfunction or the use of non upgraded versions.

9. Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U. is not responsible for the contents linked to the WEB, whenever they are not direct part of it, and it neither guarantee the lack of virus nor any elements which may alter or harm the users computer equipment (hardware and software), documents or files. It is therefore not responsible for any harm caused to the user because of them.

10. Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U. and the user shall be under the jurisdiction of the Courts in Valladolid for any controversy derived from the access or use of the WEB, and so renounce to any other Court. In case of the user having his/her residence outside Spain, Grupo Valdecuevas Agro S.L.U. and the user shall be under the jurisdiction of the Courts in Valladolid (Spain), and they shall so renounce to any other Court.