Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Special Selection

General Blake is a carefully blended coupage of different olive varieties, originally developed by the master of the olive mill. It is hand picked and a selection is made of only the finest varieties of olives available on the estate – Picual, Manzanilla Carcereña and Arbequina – harvested and processed at its best organoleptic state and only through mechanical processes and cold extraction techniques.

The result is an excellent and extraordinary quality extra virgin olive oil, which combined with the exclusive and special conditions of our olive grove, grant this oil a different and own personality that delivers it unique organoleptic characteristics.

General Blake is an ideal dressing for salads and bread or any raw consumption. It is solely bottled on request in order to preserve its quality and freshness at its highest level.

Tasting Note

Intense, fresh and herbaceous aroma with a hint of freshly-cut grass. The scent of green apples, peppermint and lemon verbena, with a background of green plums, tomato and tomato plants, can also be distinguished. It offers a fresh palate, clean and full-bodied, with a noticeable herbaceous trace, reminds artichokes, leafs, herbs and wild asparagus. Leaves a slightly astringent taste, clearly bitter and balanced spicy. Long-lasting olive oil with fresh vegetal aftertaste, indicating a stamp of its own original flavour.


Perfect to serve directly as a dressing on salads, bread and vegetables. It is also ideal for accentuating a strong flavour and aroma on more complex foods, such as stews, meat, fried food and sauces. Thus achieving an own personality on each dish.


Store the product in a cool and dry place (between 15°C and 25°C; 59ºF and 77ºF), avoiding light and any strong smells.

Olive Grove

Valdecuevas Ridge

Our olive grove is located at the Castilian plateau on a ridge, surrounded by pine and cypress trees. This landscape is well known for its varied terrains.
We incorporate the latest techniques in olive farming whilst respecting our natural surroundings, which is one the utmost values of Grupo Valdecuevas. We therefore apply flight techniques to manage the vegetation, frequent analyses of the terrain and the leaves, as well as thorough climate control techniques on the plantation, among other methods.

Olive Mill

Quality Guarantee

Our olive mill is located in the heart of the olive grove and is equipped with state-to-the-art technologies, which aims to reduce production time and hence to improve the quality of our products.

The extraction procedure of the extra virgin olive oil is only carried out with cold-pressing by centrifugation. First, olives must be crushed, then stirred and finally decanted by using the highest quality control process machinery and temperature systems (temperature never is above 20°C), setting times for stirring, decanting, as well as oxidation handling (atmosphere control systems).